SSS and a Winner

A Big Thank You to all that entered the CSN.com giveaway-Of course, I think your ALL winners but I did have to instruct random number generator to pick just one...70 of you had your entry in by the 10am CST deadline...

Drum Roll....

Congrats Tiffany


Secret Santa Soiree Updates:

♥ I know it seems like we have a lot of SSS updates but until everyone has
been assigned an exchange partner they are neccesary so that everyone is on
the same page, so everyone that wants to join has time to do so and for my

♥ So far 70 wonderful bloggers have signed the Linky(below) and 62 people
have returned their Q&A-We are so excited that so many of YOU want to be a
part of this exchange.

♥ If you have signed the Linky and not received a Q&A PLEASE email us at
secretsantasoiree(at)gmail(dot)com we can not send you the q&a until we
have your confirmation email

♥ If you have received the Q&A and returned it PLEASE make sure your name is
on the Linky

♥ If your name is on the Linky and/or you have returned your Q&A and you can
not participate PLEASE let me know

♥ What's all the hoopla about the Linky? It will be how you visit all the
SSS participants.

♥ I read on someones blog how being a part of the SSS last year
helped them make friendships that they still hold dear a year later...That
speaks volumes about YOU as bloggers and participants of the SSS. Since no
one knows whose name they will receive, now would be a good time to start
blog hopping and getting to know each other, while there are some familar
faces/blogs from last year, there are also plenty of new faces/blogs to be
discovered-and you never know...They just may be YOUR exchange partner.

♥ Something to keep in mind 'following' if you want to follow the
participants now would be a good time to do that. Waiting until I send you
your exchange partners name then following is a dead-giveaway that you have
their name, so if that is the route you want to take please consider
following privately so things remain a secret.

♥ The response to Secret
Santa Gives Back
has been great and I want to thank you for
steppping up and offering to be a Mission Mistletoe Elf and/or suggesting

♥ A friendly reminder the deadline for SSS sign ups is Oct 15th

♥ If you haven't had a chance to read the *411* aka the rules click
and if you have any questions feel free to contact us

My confession for today: It's Friday Night Lights, I'm off to buy some 'hot pockets' to keep our hands warm. BA vs Jenks Go Tigers!

Now go and make some new friends...you never know where this year will take you...


  1. Well ptooey! I really wanted to win that CSN thingy! But, congrats to Tiffany!

    Justine :o )

  2. CONGRATS Tiff, I hope you pick me out something good....wink...wink :)

  3. I'm so excited to be a part of the SSS this year! Looking forward to checking out all of the fabulous ladies who are also participating. Thanks for making this possible Georgie!

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  5. Ok, my mission this weekend is to visit and follow all of those SSS's...and become their BFF, if I'm not already..because I'm so famous for ruining surprises...and I so don't wanna ruin the surprise...

  6. I see you've been struck by the Anonymous Chinese commenter.

    I'm going to start visiting the SSSers.

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  8. What a great group....so exciting!

    Hope the Tigers pulled it out!! :o)

  9. Thanks for the update. I sent back my Q&A information. If I need to do anything ese, please let me know. Thanks.

  10. Have a great weekend and thank you for organizing this.

  11. I need to do a give away - never done it but sounds like fun - I did win a book last week - very exciting..
    Love to you.

  12. Congratulations to the winner. ^^ Secret Santa sounds like fun. Unfortunately I'm doing good just to get my immediate family one present each. -.-