Friday Fragments

It's Friday-YAY! I haven't played along with Friday Fragments in a long time and since that's all I seem to be as of late...one big walking fragment, I'm joining in today...a quick disclaimer to my wonderful male readers you may wanna skip over the first 2 fragments-of course saying that just prolly made you wanna read them all the more...but you were warned...just sayin...

♥ I have 2 daughters they are the joys of my life except the week prior to a certain time of the month. I mean I can barely tolerate ME a week before a certain time of the month. Factor in those two and it is a cat fight that could rival Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill Volume 2). Only thing missing is a black mamba snake.

♥ Let's talk leggins... yanno those thicker than tights,footless,typically made of lycra and oh so comfy attire? Well I own a pair, I love them...one of my childrens, who shall remain nameless, says to me... hey MOM nineteen eighty called they want their clothes back...REMIND me to NEVER wear certain articles of clothing during a certain teenagers time of the month! VICIOUS I tell you....cycles that is, not one of my oh so sweet daughters...

♥ My son recently attended a Church man retreat for a weekend, a cool rainy weekend-that he under packed for-wouldn't listen to me when I offered helpful advice about long sleeves and trash bags, he came home soaking wet,exhausted and covered in poison ivy...but it was worth it, he has been the kindest, most polite, charming young man. It is like I have a different child. I had considered sending him to military school or signing him up to be on the show Worlds Strictest Parents. But now I have the youth Pastor on speed dial... who knew all I needed to do was drop him off in the middle of nowhere, when rain is forecasted with a bunch of 7th-12th graders to get him to realize his status on the totem pole...

♥ So much has happened over the past month I forgot to shamelessly brag that my Abby made the BA Varsity cheer squad for the 2010-2011 school year. So let me take a moment and say Abs we are so PROUD of you, we may have to take out a second mortgage, sell my car and start riding bikes,eat more ramen to pay for this year of cheer but dagnabit it will all be worth it watching you cheer from outside the gates during Friday night lights...I kid I kid Love you Abby *RAH*

♥ My Grandma aka Ena got a hearing aide,she fought it, said she didn't need no stinkin' hearing aide. She has complete hearing loss in one ear and the other ear needed a hearing aide and let me tell you just one reason why...I lost my ena in wal*mart one day, I only turned around for a second then *POOF* she was gone. Jess and I split up walking around the store calling out her name Ena, Enaaaa, ENAAAAA....all I could think was great my family will never forgive me for loosing our Grandmother-it didn't matter that some little 4 year old in the bra and panty section was mocking me by saying Ena Ena or that people were giving me strange looks...so I do what any good grand daughter would do... walk up to customer service and beg them to issue a code Adam, they looked at me like I was crazy but srsly I had visions of her wandering around the parking lot with her cart of stolen groceries and I didn't have bail money...They offered to page her over the loud speaker...Elvira, Elvira Shirley please come to the CS desk your party is waiting...she never came....My cell phone rings and Jess says she has her cornered in the automotive department...I rush back there Thankful we found her and ask her what she is doing in automotive....HUH? she couldn't hear me...I told her we had been paging her over the loud speaker...HUH? she says...when my heart rate returned to normal I very loudly said WHY ARE YOU IN AUTOMOTIVE...her reply...I'm looking for elastic I have a pair of pants that are too big and I am going to put in some elastic...

♥ Just call me Mrs Robinson...I have a serious crush on Jason Ritter...

For more Fridays Fragments please visit Barb from Half Past Kissin Time

Last but not Least my dear sweet bloggy friend Hallie from Wonderful World of Wieners Lost her precious son CJ, Please keep this family in your thoughts and Prayers or click over and leave her a comment-I am at a loss as to how to properly convey my sadness...Hallie I ♥ You!

My confession for today: Only 4 more weeks of school left *squeals* I am SO ready for Summer!


  1. the eighty's called?!?!? BWAAHAHAHHA! Crack me up!!!!
    Glad to have you back! :)

  2. I have PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Disphoric Disorder)...in layman's terms: QUEEN Bitch-Witch at that "time of the month". Have 2 daughters myself. Can honestly say not looking forward to that "time"!
    LMBO about the tights and comment (sorry)!
    And lovin' the son and g-mother fragments!
    You sport some GREAT humor!

  3. my nana needs a hearing aid too! i holler at her across the aisle and she can't hear me

  4. Lots going on in your house. Congrats to daughter for making cheerleader.

    Your hearing aid comments made me laugh. I work with two guys are hard of hearing and its like Mister Magoo for the deaf during the meetings. They both try and fake it.

  5. I don't know how old your daughters are, but if the old story is true and you eventually all sync up your cycles?

    That household is going to be a lot worse.

    Maybe it's a good thing I have boys.

  6. *RAH*

    I don't think the leggings are a trend I care to revisit. Especially not since I still have photos from the first go-round. You're very brave.

    I squishy heart my prescription progesterone cream. Unbelievable what a difference it makes.

  7. Congrats to all the kids -
    Abby and the cheerleading!
    to your son for going to the retreat and "growing"
    and sorry - but congrats to your daughter for her quick wit!

    Happy Friday!

  8. I remember the 80's and I don't really want to revisit unless we can get Reagan back. My daughter can pull of the leggings and you need in the North since it hasn't really gotten warm here yet.
    Poor Ena, does she turn it on at least?
    Rah-Rah Ree Kick 'Em in the Knee...Congrats!

  9. Congrats to Abby!
    My dear Mama wanders off in Wally too, and she has a hearing aide...we frequently have to go all over the store calling "Melvie!! Melvie?"
    LOL--the 80's called, I tease my hubby about that too, of course if we could get Reagan bak, I"m with Laufa!
    Oh my...I am so not ready for teenage PMS. Good thing Princess is only 4.

  10. You should walk her into her first class while you're wearing the spandex I think. That would would be way fun.

  11. Is Jason Ritter on "Parenthood"? Because if thats him - he's adorable!!!!

    My heart was beating waiting to see what happened to your grandma... I'd be FREAKING!!!!

    Congrats to Abby! That's fantastic!!!

  12. Well Mrs. Robinson that was a fun fragmented post. I say keep rockin' the leggings and tell 1980 you are on the Do Not Call list.

  13. I think I love your blog! And your grandmother! :) Just returning some comment love and decided to join your happy herd of followers so I can find my way back for another dose of humor! :)

  14. Congrats to Abs! Sorry about the leggings. ;-(

  15. Yay to both your son for his growth and to Abby for cheer squad. I was totally rocking your post (especially about 1980!) and then I came to Hallie's tremendous loss. Thank you for sharing this. I have already gone over there to share my prayers.
    Take care.

  16. Congrat's to Abby.
    Ba is a huge school system and I KNOW what an honor and achievement it is to make their squad. You're right though - you're gonna PAY BIG for the honor.

    Poor Ena.
    I hope my grandkids will be that good to me if/when the time comes. Funny story!!

    I bet you look "hot" in your leggings.
    Get yourself a BIG attitude and keep wearing what you like. I think you need to get one of those tee shirts that say, "I'm _______'s Mother" to wear with the leggings!

  17. dude you rock those leggings because they are selling them everywhere which means they are cool!

  18. I had to laugh when I read the bit about your grandma. I have had many similar "adventures" with my husband's 86 year old aunt. She needs glasses, a hearing aid (psychological help) and heaven knows what else, but she will never get any of it because at 86 she is the vainest person I've ever met.

  19. But I LOVE my leggings and I don't even care if it's all 1980's again! Besides, a mama's job is to seriously embaress her kids!

  20. You are such a sweetheart; I keep seeing your comments on FF posts and knew I had to get over here and give you a hug. Love you...

    Your grandma--what a great story. I hope she found her elastic :)

    Hooray!! Your kids are almost as awesome as their mom. So, are you still going to wear the leggings?!

  21. I think I am going to run away from my daughter. I am scared. Very scared!

    YAY for your son! I think that having him come home like that has totally got to fill your heart! God speaking to him and him able to show that is great!

  22. Just a quick update to all of Georginas'friends-

    Her father passed away this morning, this is

    such a very sad day for her and her two sisters.

    Her Mom.

  23. I have known older people who can't hear but refuse to wearing hearing aids at first, and then warm up to them later..

  24. First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm praying for your whole family during this time. Love you bunches!!

    Your story about Ena was stinkin' hilarious! I love that you wanted them to do a Code Adam! LOL!

    Congrats to Abby and to your son. I wonder if I sent Courtney to a retreat in the rain if it would help her attitude? Of course, we'd still have the PMS to deal with. But, any help would be a huge improvement.

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  26. Ally above needs to be banned - Ed Hardy wholesale? As if that would help.

    Georgie girl, you're in my thoughts.

  27. I loved this post!!! I was cracking up so hard. Mainly over "losing Gramma"...my mom was so hard of hearing that I had to yell at her, and it got a little embarrasing in the bank when I am translating what the clerk said and everyone is looking at me cause I am yelling at the little old lady. lol.
    Sorry to hear about your friend losing her son. That is very sad. I think I've visited her blog in the past. I will go by to say hi.

  28. Just wanted you to know I gave you some blog love on my blog tonight. I know you won't be reading blogs for a bit. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you. =)

  29. One pre- menstrual daughter is worse than a houseful of boys!

    Visiting from Friday Frags- late of course!

  30. Hey, leggings are IN right now. I wear them. Although my eyebrow waxing lady said, "They say if you wore it the first time it was in style, you shouldn't wear it the second time?" which made me feel a little bad. I wear mine under dresses...my favorite look, which I stole from (of all places) a Brittany Murphy movie she shot before she died, is a long, flowy skirt over leggings with ballet flats. I saw that in the movie and said, "THAT'S my look for spring." So my leggings don't count for much, actually...just keep people from seeing my legs through my skirt!

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