Cyber Bullying~Too Close to Home!

I don't know 'bout you but I dunno what's scarier than two(2) teenage girls fighting...welcome to my world...thankyouverymuch and...THANK GOODNESS they(plural) made up...yanno I try and teach my girls to be the bigger person, I have taught them we DO NOT talk about others, turn the other cheek, let things go....LET THINGS GO! cuz in the end it's not worth it! The fighting that is, the name calling, the picking sides...sooo not worth it...do you have teenagers?

Abby the golden child knows this...I would take on any parent that would question me(srsly)...I prolly know stuff about your daughter/son/child because abs tells me everything and NOT a skewed version, whether it is she is having sex, cheating,lying, or taking an eraser and tearing her skin apart it's the new thing versus 'cutting'...check your kids parents...check their wrists and legs...

Jessica my baby, the one I know the least about...she doesn't share, she likes piercings, I am ancient...call me with any concerns and I will NOT fight you...I will listen...you prolly know more than I do...see I can keep it real...and be honest...

Reese my only son...my sweet sweet son..my ♥heart♥ he is so my ♥...thinks I know nadda, he is taller than me...sometimes I don't question...sometimes I do...and sometimes mama knows best...he had a case of cyber bullying(he would just say it isn't )...I am sure you have heard of -cyber-bullying that is...it's been all over the news(kids are committing suicide from being tormented)...a kid that attends his school, that he(Reese) doesn't know has threatened him...as a Mom that is SCARY! VERY Scary! ...

It started out as a case of 'gingervitus' (per this kids stalker fb message on Reese's wall) Did you know that redheads are called 'gingers'? Crazy I know, right? This kid used FB as a platform to do some cyber bullying...not just with Reese but other kids too....I won't go into details of the others but this kid assured Reese he could wipe the ginger out of him after school....yep....DON'T MESS WITH MY SON! He is my Heart!

I haven't contacted the school yet...if it continues I WILL...My kids are GOOD kids!!! I am NOT 'one' of those parents...we all know them...hell I know them...the ones that say 'NOT my kid'....I think I have been honest enough up there admitting my own faults per say....BUT....I think I know my kiddos...NO...I know... I know my kiddos!!!! DO YOU know yours...I mean REALLY know yours?

I will take this time to roll into a segway...mamas don't let your kids grow up to be.....tacky?maybe?

My confession for today: Have YOU experienced Bullying? Share it! PLEASE!


  1. I (and some of my friends) were being bullied by a pretty rough group of girls. Back then, it was more physical and face to face since this ws WAY before technology. My mom hunted them down one evening and told them they had better leave me alone. She said something along the lines of "I won't bother with getting the police involved. I have enough money and know enough 'people' who can take care of you. It will never be traced back to me. So I suggest from now on, you don't even look at my daughter." They didn't bother me again. One of those girls went on to spend most of her adult life so far in and out of jail.

  2. very scary...God help the kid who messes with mine. not kidding.

    my 15 yr old daughter J has a lot of learning and developmental slowness. this makes her very young and super immature for her 15 yrs. she is more of a 12 yr old and she never notices when a kid is making fun of her. she just trusts that everyone is good like she is. she would NEVER say anything to hurt another person. it just is not in her make-up.

    she has a few really good girlfriends who have come to us at different times to let us know that J has been bullied and that she doesn't even know it is happening, just that she "wants to get out of there" cuz she "has a bad feeling about those kids"

    i want to put her in a bubble and keep her safe and innocent forever. but i know she needs to be out there and even be on the receiving end of ugliness...why? because then she will know how it feels and hopefully NEVER be on the other side of it.

    your boy will grow from this. the fact you know about it says something about your awesome mama skills. boys don't tend to be big on the whole sharing with mom thing.

    a conversation has begun.

    i will be watching to see how it all plays out, i hope you will continue to share.

    there aren't a lot of mommy bloggers with teenagers...we all need to stick together.

  3. I have...in a blog forum. (Not this one.) It felt very high school when it happened to me. I can handle it -- but I can't imagine what it would be like to be a kid going through it.

  4. This is very scary! I myself have never experienced it, but I fear that one of my kids will someday be faced with this.

  5. Karla Homolka is from my province. Do you know where she is now? In the next province over, she has her degree (which we as tax payers paid for while she was in prison). She is remarried and has children and she works. Very, disturbing to me...she killed teenage girls and just started a new life, she is someones neighbour, mother, wife,co-worker and I am sure she has friends.

    Anyway...got that out of my system. Emily has experienced this too, it is horrible. We coloured her hair last spring and she wanted red. It was relentless...gingers have no souls crap.

  6. My sister was one to actually put on all her rings and walk down the street to scratch someone up. Unless, they were bigger older sisters and I confronted them (no fight, just dirty look and a "don't mess with my sister").
    Gingervitus, I have to remember that one. My boy is a redhead too. I am trying to prepare myself for the mean future things. But I know they will surprise me. Thanks for the info..

  7. It started last year for my oldest. Thing is, with his Aspergers, he doesn't realize he is being bullied. That's a good thing and a bad thing.

  8. Haven't experienced cyber bullying.

    I'd keep an eye on this for sure. Maybe send the school counselor an email with this kid's fb link?
    This is going to be another thing I don't like about technology.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Yes I have... In school I was bullied. I was assaulted, and sexually assaulted.

    I think that is one of the reasons why I have always big burly men in my life.

  10. Yes, I was bullied for a time when I was in middle school. I was bullied by a boy who was the brother of a guy who had a crush on me...I used to get off the school bus, cry , and dread the next day...The hurt fades with time, but the memory never leaves.

  11. This is something that scares and horrifies me. The part that freaks me out is when everyone joins in with the bully and no one stands up for the bullied. I hope I teach my child to help instead of hurt. It scares me what is out there.

  12. Unfortunately, bullying is a part of growing up.

    If they don't dislike the color of your hair, they dislike your reading material or your attitude or the t-shirt you wore. Every kid goes through it, to some extent.

    If you haven't found this yet, I do think it's worth a read: http://www.bullies2buddies.com/

  13. You are a great MOM! Keep being noisy and keep up with your kids online. We still need to protect them and keep them from harms way…no matter how old they are. The fact that you are talking about this is HUGE!

  14. Praise the Lord I do not have to worry about that anymore. It would be most difficult for me to raise someone during the times we are living in now. Bless you, as you do have your hands full.

  15. Georgie--
    I'm soo sorry to hear this is going on. It is a scary place we live in right now and I don't think it will get better for some tim. (sad)
    Keep track and watch out for your babes, they need you now more than ever.
    Prayers coming your way for a successful end to this.


  16. Oh my goodness, that would just break my heart....that kid must be pretty dull to be picking on someone as nice as your son over his HAIR color!! Talk about envy!

    It's such a scary world we live in now, isn't it?

  17. My jerk of a husband cyber-bullied my daughter (his step daughter) via her Facebook page. Bullies suck.

    But sons and daughters are awesome. I say you go momma bear on that idiot who's bugging your son. ;)

  18. After 23 years in juvenile court, I believe that teenagers often learn from the experiences of their peers, not just from being lectured by those in authority. Consequently, “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” was published in January, 2010.

    Endorsed by Dr. Phil on April 8, 2010 ["Bullied to Death" show], “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” presents real cases of teens in trouble over their online and cell phone activities. Civil & criminal sanctions have been imposed on teens over their emails, blogs, text and IM messages, Facebook entries and more. TCI is interactive and promotes education & awareness so that our youth will begin to “Think B4 U Click.”

    Thanks for looking at “Teen Cyberbullying Investigated” on http://www.freespirit.com [publisher] or on http://www.askthejudge.info [a free website for & about teens and the law].

    Regards, -Judge Tom

  19. Wow...so crazy, Georgie. It would break my heart.

    I've never been into FB, but now I'm even more thankful I'm not. I've heard so many bully stories about that site lately. Very sad.

  20. Yes I have,..




    I will always fight for what is right I pity the fool who f's with my kids,, but I think it is sad that so many parents aren't in the know,... and of all things believe all is well,...

    That is not the world we lve in

  21. wow - good luck with figuring out that whole situation. kids these days.