Sleepy Town and SecretSantaSoiree

I don't know 'bout you BUT I just opened up my 4th mini kit kat bar..just sayin....yes we have a huge bowl of Halloween Candy already...I have been pacing myself...next on my list of pacing myself/honey do's is, send Eric out for firewood...I always burn a fire on Halloween night...doesn't matter if it's 90 or 20 degrees I have a fire...my problem is...Eric traded in his big OL' Dodge for a mini 4x4 ranger...moving on...if you wanna join my pity party stay up here...if you wanna join the SSS see below...

The Secret Santa Soiree is back...like I posted a few days ago, things will be a little bit different...if you would like to participate again(keyword) this year then please email me ----------> my email is on my sidebar, in a week or so I will send out a little q&a, we will have a button, things will be pretty much like we have done in the past(PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR BLOG LINK IN YOUR EMAIL TO ME)...with a few minor changes....I am not doing a sign up mclinky-I will add a mclinky once I have sent out out q&a's-for qualified SSS participants to sign,this year will be smaller, more intimate(bigger is not always better) This year I will be flyin solo...(i think that is a song) My partner in crime in past SSS events amybo has her own photog business now, she made it big time! YAY Amy!

Right now we are at 11 total SSS participants, I have 40 total spots open once they are filled I will close the registration process...so this year is an exclusive club... one you won't want to miss out on....If you have any questions feel free to email me...
Here are some buttons...feel free to pick the one you like


Now for some FUN Facts....

My Confession for today: I just finished the last Sookie Stackhouse Novel 'Dead and Gone' I need new reading material advice/recommendations...anyone?


  1. I love lighting the fireplace on Halloween, actually during the fall. It smells so good!!

    Interesting tidbits about sleep. I always remember my dreams. I wonder if that means I have an overactive imagination?

  2. Have you read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? You might like it. I just finished it.

    I sometimes have very odd dreams about bugs and snakes chasing me. Weird. :)

  3. The sleep positions are accurate! Oh my gosh!

  4. Love the sleep trivia--very interseting.
    Kit Kats yummy!
    Check out my Tuesday post.


  5. Sooo...according to this, I am a yearning soldier. Not quite sure what to make of that. How's the SSS coming?

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I gotta get in on this!!