Did You Know...DYK(it's not a bad word)

image courtesy google images

♥DYK...that I just opened up my NEW review blog? Which can be found here Go ahead feel free to stop by...just click back there...NO pressure...

♥DYK... I had a great designer So Stylilized...she rocked it out!

♥DYK...That I have already sent out the SSS Q&A's and 'if' you emailed me AND haven't received your Q&A that I need you to email me again...I am beyond fallible AND flying solo this year...so PLEASE bare with me...please...

♥DYK...I am doing the SSS a teeny bit differently this year...more details will follow soon...very exciting!

♥DYK...that this week is Fall break for my kiddos...and this is the first Fall Break I have worked in 10 years!

♥DYK...that I have been horrid at visiting blogs and leaving a comment! I don't do a 'reader'...nope I visit each blog when I can AND comment and lately 'when I can' has been sparse...I have been uber busy, forgive me? please! I promise to get back in the swing of things!

♥DYK...That I will soon have another teenage driver in my household? My son...will be taking drivers ed and I will be, well...Eric will be driving with him...

♥DYK...Lets talk car insurance...

My Confession for today: ♥DYK I have done 346 'different' confessions for today on blogspot... I always end my posts with a confession...


  1. Georgie, get your ass a reader. YOU CAN STILL VISIT THE BLOG. Really easily. Beyond easily. It's called the next button, you put it on your task bar and click it, it takes you to the next unread item at the blog's actual site. It is how I visit you.

    I'm not kidding, reader will change your life. Or at least your blog reading. I promise.

  2. I really hope no one believes the hooky on that pic you got from google about bears raising their young in their mouths!!!

    And what's with these ridiculously long ads at the end of each of your posts lately? Me no likey :(

    But it's your blog and you do what you want gf!! Still love your blog!!

  3. I'm kind of bummed. We are not doing anything for Fall Break. Last year we went to Saint Louis and had a wonderful time.

  4. okay Michelle point me in the right direction...please...

    anon, sorry you don't like the lil informative pieces that I've been adding to my posts, I thought they were interesting...

    Yogi I remember your trip last fall break you did have a wonderful time!

  5. Michelle is right -- get a reader. Makes life infinitely easier. You can just click on the blog title and go directly there. Easy peasy. :-)
    I'm a librarian. I'd never steer you wrong!

  6. Everyone that is a blogger needs to understand one thing. If you have a family, children in school, home school, or work you do not have the time to visit and comment. As an example, I have no obligations except me. I have plenty of time to visit, but there are many others that do not. I understand and get excited when I see any comment. I know for some that is an effort. I appreciate any I get. Be it one or 50. Hang in there and you will survive the teen years.

  7. I DNK that. (Did Not Know)

  8. Stay tough, Girl! Those teenagers may eat you alive!

  9. I didn't know that about bears! :o)

    Can't wait for SSS '10!!!

  10. readers really are helpful.

  11. I agree with the majority - Readers are oh so helpful - especially if you have a 'smart'phone, I do a lot of my blog reading sitting in traffic and I flag the ones I want to come back and comment on (See it works :)!)

    So excited for SSS

    I like the info at the end of the blogs - and yep insurance is a horrible, necessary, evil.

  12. My son is gearing up to start taking lessons too. I am happy for him but kinda dreading it too.