Secret Santa Soiree Info/McLinky

This will serve as the official rules of the SSS. Most things will stay the same but we have one small change this year...so PLEASE read through...

♥ In order to be a part of the SSS exchange you must be a blogger then you need to email me(on my sidebar),  I will send you a Q&A form that you need to fill out asap and hit submit on the form, please do not email me your answers back-I have everything set up in a google doc this is a much easier way to handle groups. I have already sent out forms to those of you that have emailed me, so if you haven't answered the Q&As yet please do so now...

♥ The Deadline for sign ups is Oct 29th. On Nov 1st I will send everyone their partners name along with a copy of their getting to know you info(q&a), you can start shopping and shipping at your leisure just please keep the shipping deadline in mind.

♥ Once you have submitted your Q&A Please sign the McLinky below

♥ The date you must ship by will be Dec 15th-feel free to get creative with your return address while keeping in mind the rules and regs of USPS or your shipping carrier of choice

♥ Everyone must purchase a Delivery Confirmation(DC) and email me with the DC#-This serves as your receipt

♥ The spending limit will be $20(not including shipping costs OR DC cost) if you choose to spend more PLEASE do not be upset if your SSS partner does not. You can spend the money on one item or you can break it down into mini gifts-the choice is yours, be creative, have fun and enjoy...

♥ One thing that sets this SSS apart from others is the fact that it is a SECRET Santa Soiree, meaning you will not/we will not disclose who your partner is...This is where the BIG Change is this year...in the past I have required you to blog about the gift you received-This year YOU will BLOG about the gift YOU SENT to your exchange partner without disclosing your SSS partners name/blog when you do your post...the idea is that everyone will visit each others blogs during this Soiree and once their gift arrives they will immediately know who to Thank!

♥ We have 2 wonderful gentlemen(who participated last year) playing along again this year-IF you have an issue sending a guy a gift OR having a guy send you a gift email me ASAP-I can personally vouch for both of these guys, But I do have to ask...ALSO...since I am doing this solo this year, I will obviously know who has my name-hence kinda taking the surprise element out for you...so if you would rather not have my name please let me know =)

My Confession for today: I am soooo ready for the Holidays


  1. I remember you had a great time with this last year!

  2. Sounds great!! I wish there was a way for you to be surprised! If you want me to help you, just let me know....I'd be glad to!!

  3. This is a great way to add a little fun at Christmas time. Helps release the stress from shopping. I did my Mr.Linky thing and trust it is okay. I have no complaints with how you are doing this. It may not be as much fun for you since you will know who has your name, but the person who gets it can still make it fun for all of us. Thanks.

  4. Hey I need mine Sister!!!

    I Really have looked forward to this since last year! You rock, U really Do!


  5. Woohoo...can't wait! And, I so LOVE the twist.

    Thank you so much for doing this again, Georgie!!

  6. Looking forward to it!