Dear Mom(8.31.11)

Dear Mom, So much has happened over these past two months since you left us to fly with Angels
Reese got his drivers license! We had to drive him to muskogee and it took him 2 tries but he finally did it! He got a Birthday card from you, 17 one dollar bills in it...Barry is keeping the Birthday tradition going! Mom, Reese is almost 6'3! can you believe that? He is really growing up! He is a junior now and hefriggindrives...we bought him a dodge ram, he loves it!

School started on the 25th and Abby did her senior pictures...they will only cost us $2000 im so not kiddin mom...they are beautiful but I dont know how I am gonna pay for them. I guess I could make Eric take a second job...he wouldn't mind =) Her boyfriend Joe left for the Navy Aug 2nd...I think he is going to propose to her!!!! What am I gonna do? She has decided to move to Enid,go to beauty college and live with Joe's sister Patty when she graduates!!!! What am I gonna do?

Jess is Jess a free spirit who is at that very fun age of ihatemymomeverystinkinday....I know I was NEVER like that =) She is an 8th grader this year...how is it possible that these kids grew up so fast,like in the blink of an eye! She has a new style this year 'preppy-emo' is that possible? She is so beautiful mom and opinionated she reminds me a lot of you!

I talk to Barry at least once a week...so far your a/c has gone out and now your washing machine...Eric is going over on sat to help him move out the old washer and move in the maytag we gave you...remember when Barry griped about us bringing it to you...bet he is glad he has it now! We are looking out for Barry but I do worry about him...we will do our best to make sure he is takin care of!

I talked to Angela a few weeks ago...it looks like you may be getting some company...Roy has inoperable brain cancer. it's so sad...I told her we were praying for them both...

Can you believe I haven't had a computer for over 2 months? I had to sneak Jess's laptop thatiboughther just to type this!

Mama...I miss you so much...I can't tell you how many times I have picked up the phone to call you...stuff about the kids,gripes about Eric and needing advice about work...I still can not believe you are gone...it is unreal to me!

Can you give daddy a hug for me...

I will write you again soon...these teenagers provide endless blog fodder but for right now I can no longer type through the tears... I Love You mom! My confession for today:Grief sucks!


  1. You are right - grief sucks!

    Hugs and prayers coming your way (and it's good to 'see' you again!)

  2. I have missed you, but can definitely understand your reasons. As you have been told many times, only time can help in these situations.

  3. Hugs to you! (And I think my 8th grader has mastered 'preppy emo' too I can't imagine how alone you must feel right now. But you are NOT alone. Thinking of you!

  4. You've been missed. I could barely read this through the tears. (hugs)

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  6. Love you, thinking of you daily! **Hugs***

  7. I miss you, Georgie.
    Your letter makes me cry too.

  8. yes it does....I think about you all the time Georgie...and miss your mom too! FB is not the same!

  9. oh you are so right fb is not the same without mom...if you were her friend on fb then you know what coloradolady speaks of...she...mom...was always the first to comment on a picture or your status update....she just totally rocked...she made a difference...thank you all for your love and support

  10. A very powerful post!!!!

    Your right grief doe suck!!!


  11. Oh Georgie....I need to come see you. CALL ME!! I sit at football practice 3 nights a week at North from 6-8!!! 918-606-4609

  12. I am so sorry you are hurting. I know exactly the pain you speak of and am going through the same thing. It is hard not to pick up the phone to call...and everywhere you look, you think of her.


  13. Oh, Georgie. This is so sweet in its own sad way. :)

    Miss you.

  14. I couldn't comment on your top post, so I'm putting it here. I'm so terribly sorry about your mother. Grief is never the same for any two people, but I do empathize with you, and I know how the death of a loved one leaves a hole in your life that can't be filled. You have a sharp wit and quirky sense of humor that will be your saving graces, but it's so hard to feel witty or funny when you hurt so much.

  15. I am so, so sorry, Georgie. Sending you hugs and prayers from GA. XOXO!