The Traveling Plate

None of you know this except for maybe Cheryl over at the Daily Blond BUT I have been stalking her lil breakfast plate for quite some time...

I do not care that it is plastic,that it has scratches on it...all I know is that under all that garbage she calls a breakfast, there lies a heart...on the plate...and this you all do know about me...I hearts!!!

So I spotted the plate a while back and commented on the plate-today I got bold and started demanding the plate be sent to me...yes so how I sorta roll...I see I want I sorta get...when I say sorta that means we are playing a game...

The Bloggerhood Of The Traveling Plate this is the plate(below) and I knew it's beauty while all covered up in breakfast goodies for a long time and now it is fixin to be mine allll mine...while for a short and brief time all mine...

Here is the dealio- In all kindsa 3rd person because i copied and pasted this from The Daily Blond

Leave a comment here if you want to get in on the plate passing. I'll notify you when Georgie gets the plate.Don't forget that the daily blonde will also choose one of you to get a Daily Breakfast just because you left me a comment. One less meal you'll have to worry about....

When Georgie gets the plate, she will post a picture of her nasty breakfast and blog about it.

Leave a comment on her blog post when she posts about her lovely $3 plate and breakfast.

Georgie will then take the names of the bloggers who comment on her post and mix them up in an old winter hat...then she'll pick one name.

The chosen one will get the plate. Sorry, Georgie...it has to move on.

When you get the plate, put your breakfast on it (please, nothing healthy) and post it to your blog. Give me a mention...at least the origin of the plate. I need attention.

You know the drill...mix up those names of people who comment in a hat and let it go...

I so sound like I am talking in 3rd person but in reality I just copy and pasted what DB had to say...

Sound like fun? Wanna play? Join Us...

My Confession for today: I so LOVE that plate


  1. I am in.. I need a little excitement... hearts i love, breakfast even more!!!!! <3

  2. I'm in too! I want the plate! I wouldn't know what a healthy breakfast was if it jumped up and kicked me in the face...my 20 kilo's of extra weight is evidence of that!

    Repeat after me...the plate wants to visit Australia, the plate wants to visit Australia, the plate wants to visit Australia!!

  3. If that plate comes to Ohio, I'll eat Buckeyes off of it. I pinky swear.

  4. Your so funny, when the plate gets there, tell her it broke and I will back you up and say uh huh I saw it all. If she reads this I don't know you.

  5. we're never gonna see that plate, are we?

    just remember who did a whole match game about you...I'm just sayin'...

    wash it please before you send it to me...

  6. Okay, I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff. Count me in. :)

    I totally LOL at Mamahut's comment!

  7. Sounds complicated, but if I win, I'll give you the plate :) It's adorable, certainly, but I think you need it more than I do :)

  8. Hey 3 times I tried to comment on your blog and got bumped. That's why my comment is bbb, I had to type fast and send. WTF! Anyway! I want that plate!

  9. mrs4444 there are 2 links up there they are the green words lol

    megryansmom-not sure whats up with my blog...i was LOL at bbbb

    mamahut and Linda S tooooo funny!

  10. Forgot to tell you...you're on my blogroll now!

  11. Okay, count me in. But I can't cook.

  12. I'm In! Love Hearts! And love some NASTY b-fast stuff!

  13. YAY ty deb for addin me!

    Jill no worries just slap a 'lil debbie' on the plate and call it good

  14. I'm sitting here at work eating coconut pie for breakfast - and this is my healthy way of thinking! Pass the plate please!

  15. I'm once again, laughing at the comments and love the idea of passing the plate, so throw me in. The only meal of the day I actually like making? Breakfast. Bring it on, baby!

  16. I packed it up just now...kissed it goodbye...wiped the lipgloss off and it's going to the post office tomorrow. Adios, heart plate....you're going on a ROAD TRIP! ;)

  17. sounds like fun! i'm in.