The Eureka Expierence

You all know my LOVE of a little town in the Ozarks...Eureka Springs,Ar. You all know I have been visiting for years...A few weekends ago I took a Girls Trip with my daughter one of her friends and my friend. Two out of the four of us had never been to ES-can you guess which two?

It is always so much fun for me showing friends the town that has a part of my soul. I love to take them around the historic district and we all pick out our favorite house. Since I have been going for years I have been fortunate enough to stay in many of these historical lil gems and it always makes me smile to see which ones they like the most.

On this girls trip I really wanted to stay some place that was a bit more secluded, yet still close to town...yanno in case one of those 'what happens in Eureka, stays in Eureka' moments happen.

So we chose Dragonfly Mountain Lodge and it was perfect! My photos will not do the DFML justice so please click that link back there for photos of way better quality!

The Lodge is HUGE and in a LUSH setting, nature lots of nature! Wooden rockers on the porch, pool table to show your mad skills or in my case lackthereof , comfy beds, big bathroom, quiet & serene,  I could go on and on....This is one of those lodging establishments that are better Experienced than described-I just can't do it justice! I can NOT wait to go back!

 This is Harry & Lloyd and they are awesome!

So what do you do while on a girls trip? Get a tattoo of course...here is Abby getting ink'd

This is her friend Whitney offering some moral support....

While abby got her body art, Amy and I went on our version of a Pub crawl with stops at Basin's Balcony Bar, Chelseas, & New Delhi.

 Amy's a rockstar on the stage at Chelsea's

I just wanted all my girls to have a good time, don't ask me what's up with my arm up there...

We ate some awesome food! With Stops at Bubba's BBQ we all ordered something different and shared-I thought I took pics but guess I didn't BUT you all know I LOVE Bubba's Coleslaw!

Saturday we shopped-if you ever find yourself in Eureka Springs you just gotta stop in at Magee Jewlery. They have beautiful unique jewelry! PLUS if you happen to be there on a Saturday you can meet my beautiful friend Renate...no really, first she is beyond striking but I love listening to her talk...

Saturday was also drumming in the park-something that typically happens the 1st Sat of the month BUT I'd like to think they knew I would be in town with some first-timers and changed the date to accommodate us...

We grabbed a table on the top deck of The New Delhi Cafe-the BEST seat in the house, right across from Basin Park where all the action/drumming was going on...If you have never stopped here for a drink or a bite to eat, We highly recommend it! JULIO our waiter was the bomb! He promised to take care of us and boy did he! Ask for him if you stop in....

The girls ordered burgers and Amy and I had a couple apps then shared a Ruben.

 Sitting out on the deck visiting with Abby,Whitney & Amy was wonderful-the weather was perfect, 70's breezy I'd like to think the weathermen knew we were coming to town & ordered up that weather just for us! Eureka is magical ya'll...BUT whats even better than the above? THIS....

Wait....that was so fun too...but seeing these loverly people walk into the deck of New Delhi completely made my night....I know I know this trip wasn't about me....butitstillsortakindawas...

Every single person in the above photos is someone super special to me...what a GREAT night!

Here are a few more photos of our Eureka Experience...

Once again we had a wonderful time and I am certain that a couple girls in my party left a piece of their soul in Eureka Springs...which means...RETURN TRIPS!!!!

This was one of those trips where....what happens in Eureka...stays in Eureka so some info & photos have been left out to protect the not-so-innocent! 

My confession for today: My book Fifty Shades of Grey should be here today....so I will probably be MIA for awhile =)



I remember my graduation, sorta kinda, okay what I really remember is that feeling, which I imagine may be a different feeling for everyone else.

The feeling for me was wow I don't have to answer to anyone, I can come and go as I want, O.M.G! Okay I prolly didn't say OMG I prolly said something like "KICK ASS"  it was 1989 after all, texting lingo wouldn't be invented for another 8-10 or so years.

I have a point here, Abby you know Abby? She and I go way way back like 18 years and 9months(give or take a few months). Well she is graduating in May. She just got all of her graduation goodies like cap and gown,announcements,thank you cards etc...

Speaking of the announcements, she handed me hers and said I will get you all the addresses I have so you can fill them out. bawhahahahahahaha

So I showed her the back of the box that all of her $389 worth of grad goodies came in and asked her to read me this sentence....

She looked at me like I was crazy(takes one to know one I smiled) then she read...Congratulations! It's time to let everyone know about your high school graduation achievement.

Then I read the same sentence back to her, my version sounded more like this...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's time to let everyone know about YOUR high school graduation achievement.

If you read this blog often then you know I'm all about the punctuation not so much proper grammar...but I digress...

She boo-hissed me. Then I was all like, okay get me the addresses AND your Thank you cards. She was like, but why do you need the thank you cards? I was like BECUZ if I'm gonna do all the work I'm gonna reap the rewards yep im cool like that.

But MOM(now shes catching on with the proper punctuation!) I asked my dad (okay now she is just showing off her use of punctuation)for a TV you don't need a new TV!

To which I smiled and said EXACTLY! I asked her to let me know how many stamps she needed as she left my room...I'm pretty sure she mumbled something under her breath but I can't be sure of what....I'd like to think it was MAN my moms so awesome!

After graduation I wonder what my daughter will be feeling...

My confession for today:I wish what I know now I knew when I was 18


MY Top 10 Movies

Since it's spring break...since we don't ever go anywhere on spring break-LIKE you there on the slopes OR you there on the beach...nope that's not us
 but I digress... which is a fancy way of saying "where was I?" I think and since it's 'pose to rain today, I'm doin a movie top 10...

 My if I had 24hrs to lay around in my PJ's these are the 10 movies would I watch...

Honorable mention:
The Color Purple-Oprah,Whoopie,Danny Glover, nuff said

10.Armegeddon-I know it's on lotsa so called movie reviewers worst lists but what a cast! Steve Buscemi,Bruce Willis,Owen Wilson,Ben Affleck...I LOVE this movie

9. Finding Nemo-After watching Finding Nemo I NEVER looked at sushi the same way again. What a sweet movie.

8. Star Wars-This is when I fell in Love with Luke Skywalker

7. Transporter-Have you seen Jason Statham?

6. Under the Tuscon Sun-This is just one of those movies that are made for a rainy day  or a rainy day spent with girlfriends & a glass of wine...

5. Clerks-4 Words: Jay and Silent Bob

4. Vacation-Chevy Chase, Cousin Eddie I mean Randy Quaid who was a comic genius(imho) in this movie-I know he has gone a lil loco lately but I don't judge. One of my fav lines is:Clark: Hey, hey, easy kids. Everybody in the car. Boat leaves in two minutes... or perhaps you don't want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth, which is only four short hours away? Remove the name Clark and insert ERIC =)

3. Monty Python & The Holy Grail-Have ya seen the guy holding the coconuts and cloppin em together to make the Horse running sound and  it is HE Arthur son of ....oh hell here is the video clip it's priceless!

 2. Tombstone-While I love Kevin Costner...Kurt Russell is the ultimate Wyatt and Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday perfection!

and my top 10 fav is...

1. As Good As It Gets-Everything about this movie touched me,moved me,made laugh,made me cry & Melvin Udalls response to Carol still makes me weak in the knees to this day:

Melvin Udall: I've got a really great compliment for you, and it's true.
Carol Connelly: I'm so afraid you're about to say something awful.
Melvin Udall: Don't be pessimistic, it's not your style. Okay, here I go: Clearly, a mistake. I've got this, what - ailment? My doctor, a shrink that I used to go to all the time, he says that in fifty or sixty percent of the cases, a pill really helps. I *hate* pills, very dangerous thing, pills. Hate. I'm using the word "hate" here, about pills. Hate. My compliment is, that night when you came over and told me that you would never... all right, well, you were there, you know what you said. Well, my compliment to you is, the next morning, I started taking the pills.
Carol Connelly: I don't quite get how that's a compliment for me.
Melvin Udall: You make me want to be a better man.
Carol Connelly: ...That's maybe the best compliment of my life.
Melvin Udall: Well, maybe I overshot a little, because I was aiming at just enough to keep you from walking out.

So what's your top 10 movies,or your top 5 or your FAVORITE movie of all time?

My Confession for today:Thank Al Gore Goodness for movies =) a place where we can get lost....

I reserve the right to change my mind on this list based on the fact that every Tuesday  new movies come out on dvd and I have HIGH hopes for The Avengers this summer.


The Invisible Children

My 14yr old came to me last night and asked me if I had heard of Stop Kony 2012. I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I have/had not heard of Kony 2012 or The Invisible Children!

When Jess is passionate about something there is NO stopping that child. She had me watch the 30 minute video and each time I gasp she would say "just wait mom it gets worse".

She looks at me and asks "What are WE gonna do Mom?"

So I do the only thing I know to do...

Go to my FB wall & post the video, 'like' the invisible children fb page and then I ordered her the Kony 2012 action kit. Which is described as follows:

People will think you’re an advocate of awesome. Everything you’ll need to take part in
our KONY 2012 campaign is included in this kit: an official campaign.

+ T-shirt 
+ KONY bracelet
+ Action guide
+ Stickers
+ Button
+ Posters.
You can decorate yourself and the town with this one-stop shop.

If you haven't  seen or heard this video yet either via an email or on your social network ...it's only a matter of time. I posted the video last night and already today I have seen over 25 shares of the Kony 2012 site.
My confession for today:I just got informed...



The minute you arrive in Eureka Springs, Ar there is a calm that comes over you,imagine(humor me please-do it with me) inhaling deeply then exhaling, okay now times that by 10. It's hard to put in to words the feeling you get but I'm going to try...

For the past 15 years Eric & I have took an anniversary trip, We could go anywhere, within reason...I  mean Dubai is probably out, but there has  never been any question about where we would go. The Only question is... WHERE WILL WE STAY! We always stay some place new-to-us but we may have just found our home....

This year we stayed at The Peabody House

The Peabody House is located on Armstrong St-which is basically one street above the Historic downtown area of Eureka Springs. It's location is ideal for parking your car and walking to the shops and eateries in the downtown area. The main home features 3 beautiful yet unique suites-The Dashwood,Cheshire,Nautilus & behind the property is the Rivendell Cottage.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Faryl our Innkeeper/hostess extraordinaire. We were given a tour of the Inn and our room, The Dashwood Suite:

The Dashwood suite is the perfect combination of femininity & masculinity. A comfy king size bed with feather topper fitted with sheets fit for a King&Queen or an Egyptian Princess -YES they were that soft! The eggplant,green & gold color scheme of the suite felt modern yet timeless(think Jane Austen). The fireplace was a nice touch of ambiance as were the dimmer switches.  

The Dashwood is a three room suite, plenty of room yet still romantically cozy. At your fingertips and for your enjoyment a mini fridge,microwave,coffee,jacuzzi and on your deck 2 Kennedy rockers. I'm not sure if I used the jacuzzi or rockers more!

There was something so magical about sitting on the deck in the rocking chairs before the town below came alive, sipping coffee in the cool morning air. It was equally magical in the evenings as the sounds of Eureka's nightlife echoed up soothing my soul. In my humble opinion The Peabody House has the BEST location in town.

There are so many little extra surprises and so much more I could say about The Peabody House & Faryl but I feel they are better experienced than described! If you are considering a trip to Beautiful Eureka Springs-I highly recommend The Peabody so you too can experience the magic and surprises this lovely Inn has to offer.  Okay Okay I will give you one hint....there may have been a towel warmer in the bathroom.....but that's all the little extras I'm sharing, you gotta go book your stay to find out what else awaits you.,...

Here are some of the MANY comments from previous guests(click to enlarge)

The Food

It is a tradition for us to order Bubba's Barbecue to go and have a meal in our room. I have an issue with their coleslaw that Eric doesn't share...when I die I want  to be covered in okokok a bucket FINE a pint of Bubba's coleslaw buried with me-I love it that much! Their ribs are pretty darn good too!

Thanks to Erics desire to give "The Seinfelds" a run for their early dining time frame we were at  DeVito's by 5pm We were greeted by Teresa and given the BEST seat in the house,right in the center of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the new Sky seating area and a view of East Mountain.

I started with a cocotini which I pronounced as a cockatini-in my defense I had been sick the night before and Howard our server didn't make me feel like an idiot for mispronouncing this tasty cocktail!

We had 2 apps the Trout Fingers served with dill sauce and smoked trout filet

Both were DELISH!!!!! 

For main entree's Eric had the DeVito's Combo-Spaghetti and Ravioli of your choice, served with Italian sausage, meatball and DeVito’s marinara sauce and I ordered the Fettuccini Alfredo-Fresh Cream, Butter and Parmesan Cheese with smoked chicken & broccoli  

I wish this blog had scratch N sniff! I had to take my entree to go between the drink and apps I was stuffed like one of Erics raviolis! At this point I must tell you I guess I was lost in the view and the trout and my cocotini and the warm bread and great service I forgot I was at a very nice restaurant and NOT the Olive Garden(no offense to OG lovers-I LOVE OG) because I asked for a to go box and extra sauce for my pasta to which I'm told the Fresh Cream, Butter and Parmesan Cheese sauce is made to order FRESH for each dish! Of course it is...they don't have 'vats' of cheese sauce laying around the kitchen...what was I thinking! Thank You DeVito's for a GREAT meal!

This trip to Eureka Springs was more than an anniversary trip, I was able to purge a years worth of sadness,turmoil,inner conflict,pain and guilt...I gave it all up on this trip-it's like the wind that swirled around me gathered everything inside of me and swooshed it away up into the trees then into the blue skies. I entered a broken shell of a women and left the woman I once was....HAPPY,CONTENT and SECURE...yes a town can have that kind of impact on ones soul. I hope you all can experience it at least once in your lifetime.

My Confession for today: I finally feel whole again

For your enjoyment a few extra pictures