The Eureka Expierence

You all know my LOVE of a little town in the Ozarks...Eureka Springs,Ar. You all know I have been visiting for years...A few weekends ago I took a Girls Trip with my daughter one of her friends and my friend. Two out of the four of us had never been to ES-can you guess which two?

It is always so much fun for me showing friends the town that has a part of my soul. I love to take them around the historic district and we all pick out our favorite house. Since I have been going for years I have been fortunate enough to stay in many of these historical lil gems and it always makes me smile to see which ones they like the most.

On this girls trip I really wanted to stay some place that was a bit more secluded, yet still close to town...yanno in case one of those 'what happens in Eureka, stays in Eureka' moments happen.

So we chose Dragonfly Mountain Lodge and it was perfect! My photos will not do the DFML justice so please click that link back there for photos of way better quality!

The Lodge is HUGE and in a LUSH setting, nature lots of nature! Wooden rockers on the porch, pool table to show your mad skills or in my case lackthereof , comfy beds, big bathroom, quiet & serene,  I could go on and on....This is one of those lodging establishments that are better Experienced than described-I just can't do it justice! I can NOT wait to go back!

 This is Harry & Lloyd and they are awesome!

So what do you do while on a girls trip? Get a tattoo of course...here is Abby getting ink'd

This is her friend Whitney offering some moral support....

While abby got her body art, Amy and I went on our version of a Pub crawl with stops at Basin's Balcony Bar, Chelseas, & New Delhi.

 Amy's a rockstar on the stage at Chelsea's

I just wanted all my girls to have a good time, don't ask me what's up with my arm up there...

We ate some awesome food! With Stops at Bubba's BBQ we all ordered something different and shared-I thought I took pics but guess I didn't BUT you all know I LOVE Bubba's Coleslaw!

Saturday we shopped-if you ever find yourself in Eureka Springs you just gotta stop in at Magee Jewlery. They have beautiful unique jewelry! PLUS if you happen to be there on a Saturday you can meet my beautiful friend Renate...no really, first she is beyond striking but I love listening to her talk...

Saturday was also drumming in the park-something that typically happens the 1st Sat of the month BUT I'd like to think they knew I would be in town with some first-timers and changed the date to accommodate us...

We grabbed a table on the top deck of The New Delhi Cafe-the BEST seat in the house, right across from Basin Park where all the action/drumming was going on...If you have never stopped here for a drink or a bite to eat, We highly recommend it! JULIO our waiter was the bomb! He promised to take care of us and boy did he! Ask for him if you stop in....

The girls ordered burgers and Amy and I had a couple apps then shared a Ruben.

 Sitting out on the deck visiting with Abby,Whitney & Amy was wonderful-the weather was perfect, 70's breezy I'd like to think the weathermen knew we were coming to town & ordered up that weather just for us! Eureka is magical ya'll...BUT whats even better than the above? THIS....

Wait....that was so fun too...but seeing these loverly people walk into the deck of New Delhi completely made my night....I know I know this trip wasn't about me....butitstillsortakindawas...

Every single person in the above photos is someone super special to me...what a GREAT night!

Here are a few more photos of our Eureka Experience...

Once again we had a wonderful time and I am certain that a couple girls in my party left a piece of their soul in Eureka Springs...which means...RETURN TRIPS!!!!

This was one of those trips where....what happens in Eureka...stays in Eureka so some info & photos have been left out to protect the not-so-innocent! 

My confession for today: My book Fifty Shades of Grey should be here today....so I will probably be MIA for awhile =)


  1. It looks like a GREAT time!! Glad you had fun!

  2. OH! And I want to see Abby's ink!!!!

  3. Such a fun weekeknd for everyone!
    It is a great place to visit and there is sooooooooo much to do!

    Glad you had fun.

    I'm with Shelia--let's see the TAT.


  4. It looks like you had a fabulous time! I love Eureaka too!

  5. Oh....it looks like fun! I have missed hanging at your blog...I am going to do better! So good to "hear" your voice again!

  6. GASP! I've found you again after two years!! Now I feel better.

  7. It's been a long time since I've stopped by. :-) Just checking in with all my favorite blogs!!!!!

  8. I seriously want to go to Eureka Springs!! Just the name is cool..but it looks like Heaven on Earth!!! It looks like you are having such an amazing time!!!

  9. I came here to comment on the moving blog to find it was gone. Stop that! Vent! This is YOUR spot to do so... Vent away!!

    To be truthful, it took me several years to come to terms with my father's passing. Each person mourns differently. You will not "get over it" in a few days... or months... so don't let anyone put a limit on you. Move and I mean that literally, move at your own pace. There is no point in driving yourself nuts on either aspect.