I remember my graduation, sorta kinda, okay what I really remember is that feeling, which I imagine may be a different feeling for everyone else.

The feeling for me was wow I don't have to answer to anyone, I can come and go as I want, O.M.G! Okay I prolly didn't say OMG I prolly said something like "KICK ASS"  it was 1989 after all, texting lingo wouldn't be invented for another 8-10 or so years.

I have a point here, Abby you know Abby? She and I go way way back like 18 years and 9months(give or take a few months). Well she is graduating in May. She just got all of her graduation goodies like cap and gown,announcements,thank you cards etc...

Speaking of the announcements, she handed me hers and said I will get you all the addresses I have so you can fill them out. bawhahahahahahaha

So I showed her the back of the box that all of her $389 worth of grad goodies came in and asked her to read me this sentence....

She looked at me like I was crazy(takes one to know one I smiled) then she read...Congratulations! It's time to let everyone know about your high school graduation achievement.

Then I read the same sentence back to her, my version sounded more like this...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's time to let everyone know about YOUR high school graduation achievement.

If you read this blog often then you know I'm all about the punctuation not so much proper grammar...but I digress...

She boo-hissed me. Then I was all like, okay get me the addresses AND your Thank you cards. She was like, but why do you need the thank you cards? I was like BECUZ if I'm gonna do all the work I'm gonna reap the rewards yep im cool like that.

But MOM(now shes catching on with the proper punctuation!) I asked my dad (okay now she is just showing off her use of punctuation)for a TV you don't need a new TV!

To which I smiled and said EXACTLY! I asked her to let me know how many stamps she needed as she left my room...I'm pretty sure she mumbled something under her breath but I can't be sure of what....I'd like to think it was MAN my moms so awesome!

After graduation I wonder what my daughter will be feeling...

My confession for today:I wish what I know now I knew when I was 18


  1. Awww, so sad!!! I can't believe she is graduating!!!! :( Boo hiss to kids growing up!!!! It's ridiculous!
    But she is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Man, you're awesome, fer sure!! (lol)

  3. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that exchange! And as for your confession--don't we all!

  4. yes it is sad shelia! but you okay I mean me... gotta go with the flow...

    Sweet tea lol thank you!

    Beverly...one day I am coming to stay with you!

    Thanks ya'll for your comments....loves you all

  5. Graduation huh? It is that time of year.
    Don't we all wish to have that knowledege at 18.
    Congratulations to Abby!