Short & Sweet SSS *Update*

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The weather is cool, I have a fire roaring-it's probably not that cool but...it is putting me in the Holiday mood and spirit...I know I know it's not even Halloween yet, I'm as bad as wal*mart when they go putting out the Holiday decor before Oct 1st(mines not out YET). It can't be helped I LOVE this time of year and each day as the SSS list grows and I visit the participants blogs I am reminded there are only 70 days until Christmas...even less for our little bloggy SSS

Today is the last day for Secret Santa Soiree sign-ups. We have 84 confirmed participants-meaning they have emailed us and their Q&A has been sent. The Linky shows 87, if you want to join us, we need an email from you so we can send your Q&A.

What comes next:

Over the next few weeks Amybo and I will divide the list and start matching everyone up with an exchange partner. We will send your partners name starting the first week of November. While your waiting for your partners name why not start visiting some of the other participants, now would be a great time to get-to-know-each-other...

My confession for today: I feel I need to clarify-Reese did NOT have the crabs that was his way of thinking he would get out of a 'shot' he has Poison Ivy and was given 2 different creams and 2 different pills to help put him out of his misery...it has spread to his eye, so we may be going back to the doc for some eye drops...


  1. Poor Reese, Sorry to hear that it has spread!

    Only a boy would say he had "CRABS" to get out of a shot LOL

    So excited that we have so many people signed up for SSS! WOOHOO!!

  2. Thanks for the update and thankful your son is doing better. It is going to be very interesting to see who gets who in this SSS. I have never participate before , looking forward to it.

  3. Hum.....maybe it will teach him not to touch down there. ;-) Oh wait. Guys have to, don't they?

    Poor guy. I hope all is better soon.

  4. Poor Reese.....thanks for the update.

  5. Poor Reese! I can't help but laugh though - that is just TOTALLY hilarious!!

  6. Our Walmart had Christmas stuff out when I stopped in there on Monday. Way too early....when they do this it makes people get "tired" of the holiday before it even starts.

    And congrats on having so many secret Santas sign up, thats awesome. You're awesome!!!

  7. Having poison ivy has to be miserable, but having it in the crotch and trying not to scratch in public is even worse. Hope the meds help.
    I think the SSS is going to be so much fun.

  8. Here's my question: Why was Reese rubbing his private parts in the bushes. Heeheeheeeeeeeeee! Get it? Bushes? Bush? And ow, the eyes? Holy geez, that sucks!

    Justine :o )

  9. Poor little guy. ITCHY and OUCHY.

  10. Hey Georgie! Are the Sooners gonna take care of the Longhorns tomorrow? I certainly hope so! Not only because I like Oklahoma, but Bama could benefit from their loss. LOL

    Have a great one! Hope Reese is feeling less itchy soon.

  11. Love your clarification! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!

  12. Only 70 more days until Christmas? Seriously??

    Poison ivy in the eye has got to be completely horrible!! One of my kids has pinkeye right now and he's miserable!