Secret Santa Soiree Official *411*

Amybo and I are so excited to be hosting the 2nd annual Secret Santa Soiree(SSS for short-b/c I'm tired and lazy today) Honestly I can't believe she has agreed to be my right hand gal again this year, I thought for sure she would break up with me after all my spaz attacks last yr

If you haven't signed the linky, please click here to do so, also while on that page please grab one of the SSS buttons and share with your readers that you are participating. This is not required to join but it is appreciated.


1) You must have a blog so that when your gift(s) start rolling in you can post pics and blog your lil out about how GREAT your Secret Santa Soiree exchange partner is. Due to shipping costs we can  accept US bloggers only(I'm sorry as I would love to be able to include everyone that wanted to join)

2) Please do not share your partner's address with anyone else-
The only  people who will ever see your full name and address will be myself, amybo and your partner. Under no circumstances are you to share that private information with any other blogger. Unless you all wanna send me B-day gifts then by all means whoever gets my name... share my addy I kid I kid...sorta

3) The spending limit will be $20(not including shipping costs OR DC cost) if you choose to spend more PLEASE do not be upset if your SSS partner does not. You can spend the money on one item or you can break it down into mini gifts-the choice is yours, be creative, have fun and enjoy...

4) When you're ready to ship your gift, make sure you buy a delivery confirmation(DC) for about $1,This will serve as your receipt and you can track your pkg. *Once you have shipped you will need to email me the DC#*

5) In order to sign up you just need to email the very special SSS email(YES even if you signed the linky we still need a confirmation email from you),  just... Click Here To Confirm Your Participation  (all SSS emails will come from this addy- if you need to contact us about anything SSS related please use the above email link) Once we have received an email from you, a getting to know you form/link will be sent

6) You MUST ship by Dec 15th-feel free to get creative with your return address while keeping in mind the rules and regs of USPS or your shipping carrier of choice

7) One thing that sets this SSS apart from others is the fact that it is a SECRET Santa Soiree, meaning you will not/we will not disclose who your partner is until all gifts have been shipped, also when we assign you a partner you can be certain that your partner will not have your name. You can try and guess who sent your gift and if you figure it out thats great too...Just ask amybo and soxy deb about last year-it is a great story of how amybo tried to be all secretive and deb turned into a Private eye

8) The first week of November amybo and I will send everyone their partners name along with a copy of their getting to know you info, you can start shopping and shipping at your leisure just please keep the shipping deadline in mind.

♥A quick summary because I confuse me sometimes♥

♥ Email us at the link provided above-just put SSS in subject line
♥ We will send you a get to know you Q&A after we get your email
♥ Around the first week of Nov you will be assigned a partner
♥ Shop for your SSS partner and remember while you are out trying to find the perfect gift(s) your SSS partner is doing the same for you.
♥ Ship By Dec 15th-dont forget the DC
♥ When your gift arrives BLOG about it,take pix,let the whole blog-O-sphere know how much fun you had
♥ Lastly it is secret so please do not disclose to your exchange partner you have their name

My confession for today: CSN will be sponsoring a giveaway very soon


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  2. I am from Florida...:)
    I want to play...it was so much fun last year. Thank you for being you!!!!

  3. hahaha Ronda...."I am from Flordia"

    I am from California......hfduiad kasdhiu kjashdifuhw kajsdhiywejkla

    TRANSLATION: I am from California and I really an excite for the SSS!

  4. I really sound like a foreigner....I meant, and I really am excited for the SSS.

  5. I'm excited about this party.

  6. Yes, I received everything and filled out the information! I'm so excited.

    And I don't know how you manage without a DVR...


  7. I just sent you an email confirming I want to participate! Thanks :)

  8. Have the Q&A emails gone out already? Did I miss that?

  9. Thanks for doing this! :)

  10. I sent you my email..although I forgot to enter anything in the subject line...darn it!!! But I am really excited about this it sounds like so much fun!!!!

  11. Oh. I'm really bummed. I was so excited to come over here and get hooked up. But I'm in Canada. I really feel left out! Shipping costs really aren't that much... Oh well. Maybe next year....

  12. So gutted I don't live in the US.. It sounds like so much fun!!
    If anyone knows of a similar one going on over here in the UK let me know!! :)
    (I would try and do one myself but my organize skills are R.u.b.b.i.s.h!!)

  13. Did I do it right??? Sheesh, it's been way tooooo long since I have linked. Call me if I do not show up correctly. Can't wait to do this again!!!!!

  14. So excited to put together a fabulous swap package...

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

  15. i just found your blog through another fun blog and now im a fan!!! thanks,im about to email you to participate in sss

  16. I also just found you thru ColoradoLady, this is going to be a blast! My first one! :)

  17. I'm in. I think that it sounds like terrific fun!

  18. I'm emailing you now! Just got done with a different swap and it was a blast!

  19. I missed out last year, so I'm off to email you right now!

  20. Indiana and you can count me in!!! This sounds fun.


  21. What a wonderful idea to bring the joy of giving to people around you. :)

  22. What a wonderful idea to bring the joy of giving to people around you.