Friday Fragments

It's that time again...Friday Fragments time-for many more FF click back there and check em out...

  • I really like FF because it lets me feel normal about being scatter-brained

  • Today is my friend Dana's Birthday- she is turning...well it's not polite to tell a ladies age but I think she knows Rosetta Stone(i kid i kid)...so please consider clicking her name and wishing her a Happy Birthday-it will make her day!

  • Jess likes to forage through Reeses' room when he is gone-typically I don't condone this type of snoopy behavior BUT better her than me cuz that boy is in PHEW-BURRR-TEEEE so I try and stay away from him for fear he will put a hex on me or show me his arm pit hairs...anyways I had a point, ah yes foraging-she found his ipod touch and turned it on and the next thing I hear is 'O.M.G. MOMMMMMMMMMM' (cuz thats what she says) Look at this MOMMMMM- Reese has PORN on his ipod touch MOM! Who knew youtube had porn? And IF you knew why didn't you warn me?

  • I have some really exciting news...I get to go school supply shopping!!! YAY me...open letter to all middle and HS teachers-would it be to much to ask that you PLEASE place a supply list outside your door on schedule pick up day-cuz nothing says back-to-school-supply-shopping like getting elbowed in the face while fighting over the LAST 2in' binder in the crammed isles of wal*mart the day after school starts...or the fact that I may need to take out a second mortage to buy that scientific calculator that will get lost the thrid week of school...man I almost miss elementary school-those teachers have their stuff together...

  • In other exciting news Jess has moved back into her own bed-Don't judge me or call me Michael Jackson

  • Abby is already planning her sweet 16 party and apparently she thinks I am a Hilton...I am seriously considering canceling cable because I BLAME this all on MTV

  • I had a complete meltdown the other day-abby,jess or reese are plotting against me...they lost my tweezers and I had to go to the mall... with chin hairs...CHIN HAIRS people, I am pretty sure the guy at lilcrombie was so totally hitting on me

  • I just had to google tweezers because I typed it twezzers and it just didn't look right, blogger in draft so needs spell check!

  • Yanno my new car? well not new,new but new to me, the one I just got-well Eric took her(her as in Abby not the car) driving, remember she won't drive with me...well in all her knowitallglory she forgot to roll up one of the windows...it rained...A LOT...

  • We went to eat at a new chinese restaurant the other night(i am not a big fan of chinese food-but thats another post) and they had placemats-placemats of the chinese astrology...apparently I am a dog AND I'm selfish...

  • Lastly I just noticed that on blogspot blogs there is a follow feature at the top of the page...so even if you don't have the follower function on your blog I can still STALK YOU
My confession for today: I think it is time for another Okie GNO! Dawn what ya say?


  1. I love it. I haven't really read your blog in the past because I could never remeber the link, however now on facebook I can look at it everyday. I love the one about Reese I laughed so hard. Aren't teenage boys great.

  2. OMG - I had no idea about youtube porn - although, I guess I shouldn't be since youtube seems to have everything on it! Thanks for the heads up.

    I am visiting from FF - thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back!

  3. MTV has TOTALLY ruined 16 yr olds for parties... expectations - OUT THE ROOF!!!

    Be glad you're a dog.. I'm a PIG.. nice!

  4. I am also laughing at the porn thing-but ruefully, as I have a teen son.....and better a dog than a rat, I say. :)

  5. I am obsessed with my tweezers. I lose it when hubby misplaces them, that's always the moment I get a random hair.

    Happy Birthday Dana!

  6. You crack me up!! But leaving the house with chin hairs??? TOTALLY NOT OK. If I am ever able to meet you in person, I plan to slap you for that. Friends do that...and I think we would be great ones!! You have my kind of humor!!

    Hallie :)

  7. I am a boar. I hate Chinese astrology. So lowering. Boar indeed.

  8. Chin hairs! HAHAHAHA!

    I am a dragon. I guess that's okay...

  9. Hello darling and thanks for stopping by and for joining my followers. N, you are not late for tea, for you I will make tea anytime. Please stop by often as I will.

    Duchess xx

  10. LOL about the tweezers. I use Google for everything -- as a librarian, I usually don't tell my research secrets but Google is a big one. :-)

  11. Huh! I never noticed that Follow button before. I wonder how long it's been there.

    Georgie, I love how you go around visiting other fragmenters; you're a sweetheart.

    That Sweet 16 party thing-SO glad it is unheard of here!

    Seeing your son's porn has to be right up there with interrupting him with a boner when he is making out with his girlfriend in the bonus room. Awkward. And yes, I do interrupt quite frequently, as a matter of fact. (Apparently not frequent enough, though! No worries-they were just KISSING, and I didn't let on that I knew the reason he was pulling his t-shirt down a bunch.) Sorry if that was TMI!

  12. I already knew about the porn on YouTube. That's all I'm saying about that.

    Cable t.v. is ruining my 14 year old's expectations of what her wedding will be. Where's the reality show that features a bride getting married and serving cake, punch, and mints at her reception????

  13. Oh my.where do I start? Porn on Youtube? That's crazee--back in my day, we had to pay for that stuff-- not that I ever participated in such behavior, but I "heard" you had to pay for it. :)
    And, you're right, (i just checked )there is a follow button at the top of blogs. Nice to know..
    Miss Mae turns 13 in Sept. and she's already planning a birthday party that will only be a fraction of what she's actually going to get, I too, blame MTV-not that my 12 almost 13 year old watches MTV, that would make me a bad mom..okay, she does..so I suck in general. :)
    I could keep commenting but I'll shutup now, I'm digging myself deeper and deeper.

  14. School supplies? YIKES! Where has the summer gone?

    I have been very grateful for rain lately? Sorry about your car getting wet.

  15. That was a lot of info. I am still stuck on the younger one getting all tore up over the youtube porn. haha....you crack me up.

  16. Georgie--
    You crack me UP. I'm trying to read some of this stuff to my husband and I'm laughing sooooo
    hard that I can't read the text!!!!!!
    I don't know what to say except it was all funny
    except the porn and your car getting wet.
    Your post coincides with what I'll be posting later--it's about Laughter. :)

    Have a great weekend! AND you can come with me
    to a garage sale.


  17. I hear you thought I was SPITTING on you at the last GNO and later figured out that there was a drip from the ceiling? I dunno Georgie... I can't take those kind of rumors... :P

    And seriously - you didn't know there would be porn on youtube? I'm surprised there isn't porn on DISNEY. The way things are these days. I'm just sayin'.

  18. i am glad you can post on my site again
    i dont know what happened
    as usually me the CD-computer dummy
    but glad it is fixed

    ok i want all the witty stuff now
    btw-ha ha ha her car got all wet just like mine always does.....and I am a rabbit on the chinese zodiac

  19. Holy crap, you really are scatter brained tonight!

    I'm with ya on the school supplies list. Are they insane? One teacher wants FIVE packs of lined paper? WTF? And what IS a graph calculator and where am I supposed to locate one? WTF?

    Justine :o )

  20. I'm just waiting for the day I bust one of my boys with porn. (8 & 12)
    And my 7 yr old sleeps in the bed with me every night.
    And I have plenty of chin hairs.
    Too funny.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  21. I am so hoping I never catch my boys with any of that! But they are almost 5 and 3, so I have a little time. And school supplies, the list for Pre-K is a little long and I am justing getting started. Not sure about the chin hairs, don't know if I would leave the house!

    I was at Utica Square last night listening to the concert and a girl kept walking by and I was thinking she sure looks familiar. It hit me last night when I got on the computer, I think that was Georie's daughter. Was she there by chance?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. I'm a Rooster! Porn...is everywhere.

  23. Thanks for the follow tip. I can't get the stupid gadget to work in the sidebar. I want to kick it across the room!

  24. I just stopped by to wish you a lovely weekend.

    Duchess xx

  25. for you...


  26. No longer a peeping blogger. You write so well.....I had to smile at all the fragment thoughts! Thanks for stopping by my blog (and alerting me to my Twitter log in blooper!). I'm looking forward to following you out in the open! LOL!!

  27. I think if I ever have kids I'm going to have to only have cable in my room. Selfish, but true...

  28. Glad I found you through SITS. Happy SITS Sharefest!

  29. Boy you were not kidding when you said it just goes downhill from them not wanting a kiss good bye at drop off! Oh, girl! When I read your blog I'm always torn between laughing my head off and crawling under the sofa and hiding until my kids are grown up!

  30. Guess what?! I've picked you as my Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week. And not because of one of your fragments (thought they are perfectly wonderful), but because you went out and visited so many other fragmenters, leaving cheery comments. You were like a FF ambassador; you charming girl, you! You're the best.

  31. OMG, this is soooo how my brain functions. I should get in on this Friday Fragments! porn on youtube, great I better start monitoring my 11 year old more closely.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    I'm definitely following you
    Have a great day!

  32. I am so tired of coming across electronic porn. It's EVERYWHERE. Yes, I have a teen son too. :)

    I love that your daughter won't drive with you--my son tried that one too...but um, I'm a single mom. It's me or NOBODY. He stuck it out 2 full months, almost 3 really, before he finally caved after I forced him to drive me somewhere. I wanted him to have practice driving with his permit. Luckily, he knows it all too, so he learned very quickly.

  33. Girls were sending my son, ahem, pictures they shouldn't. I told him to tell those girls that if they sent anything else I was calling their mother. That pretty much stops picture texting.

    Then there's music. The same son also lost his stereo for about a month because of a few rap songs. He's more discerning about that now, too. He did try to prove to me that there was ONE Def Leppard song not about sex. I just stared him down during the song as he sheepishly walked away.

    There's nothing like confiscating their phones for 12 hr intervals when they aren't expecting it. Unfair? Not until they move out.

    That was in the 8th grade. He started getting more discerning in the 9th grade.

    Some parents are very liberal and very unconcerned, letting this stuff go. I believe in holding them accountable to their belief system, even if that system is a little shaky in high school at times.

  34. thank you for stoppin' by and for watching my SITS video, you selfish dog, you :D

  35. Life's not fair. Not when CHIN hairs remind you that you need tweezers. I had an itchy nose ALL LAST WEEK. I was looking in the mirror and the light hit my nose just right.......and there......there......there was the longest hair, growing UP from right below my nostrel.....into my nose!!!!!!! Ya'd think SOMEONE would have said something!!

    OK. You'll get another card from me....but I had to turn SIXTY to get this many readers and YOU'RE complaining?

  36. I can't stand buying school supplies at the last minute either. I try to anticipate what my boys might need and get it early on.

    I love random posts.

  37. YOu're too funny. With a ranch and $2,000 camera, you'd put the Pioneer Woman to sh-haame.

  38. God, I love ya Georgie! It takes talent to come up with the stuff you come up with!

    And, to answer your question - YES, YES, YES!!! We need another blog get together here in Tulsa!

    Should we shoot for the end of September???

  39. Lorelai takes my tweezers ALL the time and it drives me nuts. I considered breaking out a razor one morning before I went to work last week.

  40. LOL! So funny! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Have a great day! :)

  41. Chin hairs! LOL. We all get them. We all hate them so.

    As for being a Hilton . . . thank gosh you aren't one! haha

  42. I switched to Firefox because it has spell check. Sorry about the chin hair, but you gotta invest in a back-up pair of tweezers- Amateur! ;-)